A day in the life of Generation Connected Scroll down to begin Alex Meet Job Gender Age Generation C can't be defined by ~ But what is typical? A typical member of Generation C
is social is informed is empowered is connected Generation C but how they live that matters It's not who they are of Gen C has a social profile with 65% updating it daily % 88 of Gen C rely on peer approvals for buying decisions % 85 compare prices online while shopping in a store % 38 of Gen C use multiple devices in sequence % 90
They’re thirsty for information and entertainment
and they love content Charlie bit my finger 59 % say the internet is their main source of entertainment 66 % spend the same amount of time or more watching online videos vs. watching TV Hi Alex, come to my Birthday party! (Dress to impress)
% 55 use a mobile device to comparison shop at least once a week Search 1. Local store 2. Discount store 3. SlickShoos Results Buy Click‘n’collect Yes! I'm coming to the party Off to pick up my new hi-tops now :P SEND % 18 use location based services to find retail locations 79% say purchases made on their mobile are driven by personal recommendations % 79 % will look up a shop if they have seen a friend check in there 66 of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations % 72 SlickShoos 8 friends like this Discount store “Bad service :)” Local store “Great but long queues!”
Post pictures every week % 42 % Of Gen C upload their own photos to social networks % 67 of Gen C have posted a picture they took % 83 #slick shoos #party #new shoes
at discount % Engage with Gen C and they'll reward you liking you recommending you reviewing you as long as you reward them Gen C are 3 times more likely to follow a brand then a family member x 3 use smartphones to share offers such as coupons, sales and ads with friends % 50 read online reviews and 90% are influenced as a result % 61
The End Start again View our eBook to find out how they behave and what you need to do to engage with Gen C Read the eBook but how they live that matters remember it isn't who they are